Misc Work

Time: 1.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Ran wiring for control sticks
  • Installed rest of edge grommet on rear seat bottom section

Ran #22 for AP disconnect, #20 Ground, #22 PTT, and a 4 wire #22 for elevator trim and flap control. I did short runs out from the pilot and co-pilot sticks to the center console area and then a long run from there to the instrument panel. I’ll install a connector to tie them together. The AP disconnect, elevator trim, flap control, and ground will all be tied into one cable run each back to the VPX. The PTT wiring is separate for the co-pilot and pilot, I also color coded (grey/green for pilot, grey/blue for co-pilot)  them so I don’t mix them up later. Next, I need to experiment with printing the heat shrink tubing from my labeler.


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