Misc Work

Time: 2 hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed rivnuts in center rear floor panel
  • Riveted elevator AP servo mounts
  • Riveted flap actuator mount
  • Removed soundproofing from hole of transponder antenna
  • Contemplated location of GPS antennas



I had thought I saw some photos of rivnuts installed here instead of riving the center floor panel in place. Putting in rivnuts allows the center panel to be removable. I asked the factory and they said to install M3 rivnuts (I kind of though M4 would work better, but OK).



I’m committing to using a monopole antenna. I checked with the factory and they concurred that this would be the “best” route to take. If I do have issues using the monopole with ADS-B in/out then I think I have devised a plan so that I can still use this location. I would probably have to go with the more expensive C105-7 (I think that’s the model) transponder antenna  so that I could mount it with four screws and rivnuts. In any case I had to remove the soundproofing from this area. Fortunately I only put 1 layer in the middle section, but it still was a painful process to remove it. The foam part was easy it’s the sticky tape that was difficult. I ended up using Goo-gone and some Q-tips to remove the sickness. It also seemed to weaken the plastic part of the tape they used so that eventually came off as well. After all the stickiness was gone I used a small piece of scotch brite to clean the area.



So after some research it turns out you only need at least 12″ of separation for the GPS antennas. TAF installs the GPS under the cowling (where is says “GPS1” on the right side). So I’m thinking I can probably make a mount and install GPS2 on the other side… maybe move GPS1 over a bit as well. It would keep the cabling nice an short.



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