Misc work

Time: 2 hrs

Still waiting for parts. Did a few random things today:

  • Riveted gear uprights (CF-ANG-006 L and CF-ANG-007 L) to gear upright joining channel (CF-CHL-008 ). Missing CF-ANG-006 R, so can’t do the other side yet.
  • Countersunk a of few the inside holes in the gear upright joining channel.
  • Put a few rivets in the seat rails that I thought were safe to do
  • Reamed out seat rail adjustment holes to 8 mm (thanks Craig for posting)
  • Ran AP disconnect wire to AP Servo locations


All seat rail adjustment holes have been reamed out to 8mm. After looking at how the pins from the seat adjustment mechanism would fit in these holes I knew that they needed to be reamed out a bit… then the next day I see a post on Craig’s site about reaming the holes to 8mm. I also riveted a few things on the seat rails like the flanges that  the center console skins screw into and a few rivets on the top that seem to be OK to do.



Ordered a bunch of cable from Prowire USA (www.prowireusa.com), so much cheaper then Aircraft Spruce. This is mainly unshielded cabling for power and grounds, but they also carry some shielded Tefzel. The yellow wiring will be used for runs to any lighting, the orange is for equipment that will be fed power from the backup battery system (TCW IBBS). I added the 22 gauge wire to the bundles I already ran to the AP servos so those runs should be done now… unless I forgot something.


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