Wire Run List


Having been an audio engineer I was familiar with the idea of creating wire run list for all the cable runs in a studio (and there are many). So I thought I’d do something similar for the Sling build. I’m posting this just in case someone might find this useful. I’m also hoping it will help me estimate the quanity of all the different wiring that I need. I’m just posting a screen shot of what I did. If you’re interested let me know and I can send you a copy of the file. Having this in a spread sheet is pretty cool actually because if you sort the columns you can identify all the wires going to a device. There is an issue where if you’re not consistent with saying something is always the source then you need to sort by “Location A” and also by “Location B” to find all the connections to/from a device. I also was able to add some calculations to add all the different types of cabling to give me a total of all that type of wire I need, also there are calculations that count usage (if an “X” is placed under the “Installed”column for a run). By using the calculations I can roughly see what wiring I still need (in red) or if I have extra. As more wiring is purchased I can just increment the purchased column in the Inventory table.



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