More Throttle Lever

Time: 1 hr

I had primed the throttle mounting brackets a few days ago so I assembled the throttle as much as I could. I had to drill some holes that were missing on the one bracket and added another hole that was missing on both. I don’t think all holes are necessary as per the manual you don’t end up using most of them since they are just to stop the throttle from moving past a certain point. I also had to order the M3 x 20mm screws (missing from my kit) that are inserted in the holes that serves as a throttle stop. I’m thinking I can use some nylon hose to cover the part of the threads that the throttle lever will hit.  I also installed the 6 M3 rivnuts on the top for mounting to the cover panel.

So besides installing the throttle stop screws once they arrive I’m pretty much at a stand still with the fuselage until I get my missing/incorrect/damaged parts replaced. So probably no updates for a while (really hoping it’s not long).


Throttle assembly all assembled. Had to drill out a few holes on the top portion of the bracket. These are throttle stop locations where a M3 screw is inserted through the assembly. The other bracket (under the one shown) didn’t have any of the back holes. I drilled out the lower four since from the manual is seems like the second from the end is used. In the front part I drilled the single hole that is above the two. The manual says to use this hole (which I guesstimated its location), however after some looking at the throttle it may be better to use the forward most hole (in the lower row) since you don’t really get much throttle movement past the boost stop (and we want a lot of turbo boost 🙂 ). This is the 115% throttle position that is used on take off climb out for up to 5 minutes. You can see in the photo where the throttle stops unless the small lever in the front is use to move past the stop into the boost area.


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