Throttle lever

Time 1.0 hr

I was bored so I decided to put together the throttle lever. I did torque a few of the screws/bolts since they will stay, but most will need to be taken apart to fit through the cover plate which I don’t have because I’m using toe brakes. It’s nice to use up the parts though and to see how it all goes together… pretty simply, though the build instructions make it look more complicated. The Throttle Mounting Plates (CF-BKT-021 L&R) are ready to prime as well. I’ll do that tomorrow or Friday.




Washers everywhere… Washers on the head side, nuts side and in between. There’ no washers in the top handle part, it’s just not bolted together tight so there’s a space, but the turbo boost lever does have a multitude of washers.



These square brackets for the turbo boost lever slide are doubled up. I originally only put one in per side, then after looking at the manual again I noticed there are two per side. I also seem to be missing a bushing for the throttle cables, maybe that comes with the cables.


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