Miscellaneous work

Time: 2 hrs

Things done today:

  • Painted rear seat parts grey
  • Fixed rear seat belt bolts
  • Redid under seat rear floor close offs using new adhesive

I was away for a long weekend running the San Francisco to Napa Ragnar relay with 11 others. Definitely an interesting experience. We had talked about doing Hawaii next year. I have never run more hills then on this run. I also ran a little over 8 miles at 11pm, first time to run in the dark. Overall it was a lot of fun with a great group of people. The medal is pretty cool too (left photo), there is a saying on the back and each of the 12 medals has part of it so everyone on the team has a piece.



I had previously torqued down the rear seat belt bolts and notice that the large washer I purchased buckled in a bit. So I purchased some AN-516 washers (not AN-5, I made that mistake already) to use as a bushing for the seat belts. They fit well inside the plastic washer and 3 of them is enough to give some support to the larger AN-970-4 washers so they don’t pull in when torqued. Even after the bolt is torqued I’m still able to position the seat belt a little which is nice. I’m wondering is the AN-4 bolt is long enough I think I’m supposed to have one thread beyond the bolt… will have to check on that.


Front seat bottoms and one of the front seat backrests painted grey. I can’t finish the other backrest because I’m missing a part… grrrrrrrr! They came out pretty good, not too much dust. I’m just spraying them outside on a table with some Rustoleum dark machine grey paint. It’s a little tough to get a nice gloss on them without the paint running. I’ve been doing at least 2 coats. Paint, wait 48 hours, light sanding, then recoat. Rear seat bottom is done as well. I’ll take a photo after it’s all dried up.


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