Carpeting and mockups

Time: 3 hrs

Things done today:

  • Covered the rear under seat close off panels with carpeting (speaker cover)
  • Made cardboard/wood mockups of various remote avionics
  • Worked on figuring out placement of avionics

I’ll be heading out to San Francisco on Thursday to do the Napa Ragnar 189 mile relay so I won’t be working on the plane much this coming week. I’m hoping to get a few hours in on it before now and then. I want to try to get the first coat of grey paint on the seats before I leave.


Some mockups of Garmin avionics that I made from what I had laying around. They’re a tad bit heavy so tape doesn’t like to hold them in place for too long. I made them the size that includes the connectors so I can fit they somewhat close if needed and not have to worry if the wiring is going to get in the way. It was good to see what some of the avionics is going to be like. I really wanted to mount the Transponder under the rear seat but there’s just not enough room.


Proposed placement of the avionics. There’s not a whole lot of room. I think the GTR20 (Comm 2) and GTX45 (Transponder) will have to mount on rails. I’m thinking I may be able to mount them on the right side one on top of the other, but the way pictured should work as well.


Pretty happy with the way this came out. I used Krylov adhesive which may not be “industrial strength” enough for this. I order some V&S 2028 Industrial Adhesive from which may be better. The Krylov isn;t bad, but I’m sure the kids feet will catch and edge and start sealing the covering off.



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