Rear Seats

Time: 3hrs

Things done today:

  • Riveted rear seat bottom
  • Riveted rear seat backrest

Some photos of the rear seat.


I noticed that these side channels mount on the outside on the skins. I originally had them on the inside. You can see in the below photo that if they are on the inside they have a bit of a bend in them.


This is how I originally thought the side channels should be installed… on the inside of the top and bottom skins.


I installed some M3 rivnuts for the lock and will use a few of the countersunk M3 screws I had bought for the tail light. There is a reinforcing plate that goes behind the lock that I’m thinking I’ll just paint and put behind the lock when I screw it all together. I think I’m going to cover the back of the seat with the Charcoal carpet (speaker covering) that I used for the inside of the glove box.


A few photos of the finished seat back (back is the first photo, front is the photo above). The bottom is still drying. I’ll be painting these the machine grey later so I used the grey primer on them. I realized after looking at some of Craig’s photos he got from TAF that I put the left and right edge channel on the outside of the skins, it should be on the inside. So now I’m contemplating if I should unrivet them and put them on the inside or just leave it. I kind of like it on the outside and all this gets covered by the seat covers so I may just leave it.

One other note is that I couldn’t finish the seat because TAF gave me the incorrect part for the bottom channel. Hopefully will get the new parts soon so I can finish up the seat.


UPDATE: 10/30

Photo of the riveted and primed bottom section of the rear seat (and my washer and freezer 🙂 )


As I mentioned previously I had been contemplating on redoing the side channels on the rear seat backrests. I installed them on the outside of the skins, but from a few photos I saw they are supposed to be on the inside of the skins. Well after looking at my seat it really seems that the side channel parts are a bit too wide to go on the inside. I think I’m going to leave them they way they are.


The channel parts is in the top part of the photo. It nicely fits over the skins. If that were on the inside the skins would bulge out.


Yet another (bad photo) of the side channel (top of photo). You can see that it’s a bit wider then the channel below where the headrest is.


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