Rear Seat Belts

Time 2.5 hrs

Things done:

  • Installed rear seat belts
  • Prepped rear seat bottom parts

Because I’m running out of things to do until I get the parts that I’m missing, I decided to install the seat belts for the rear seat. Seemed simple enough and I don’t think they’ll get in the way. Well I wasn’t supply with the 6 penny washer that goes on the head side of the bolt so I purchased a few AN970-4 washers from Aircraft Spruce. The washers worked well, the only issue I see is that the seat belts have a very large hole where the bolt goes through. When I torqued the AN4 bolt to the specified value the washer pulled in a bit. I think I will get a few AN5 washers to fill in the space so the outer washer doesn’t pull in.

Some photos of the seat belts installed, but will have to redo it when I get the AN5 washers.


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