Front Seats Completed

Time: 3 hrs

Things done today:

  • Finished assembling and riveting the seat adjustment mechanism and riveted to the seat bottom
  • Painted a few firewall parts grey



After looking at the Sling 4 I thought that I should paint a few interior parts grey since you can kind of see them and they aren’t covered (by carpet or leather) in the finishing stage. I should have thought of this before I installed them, but after some creative masking I was able to prime and paint them. I will also paint the rudder pedal base grey, but I need to wait for the new one. I will be using the rudder pedals with the toe brakes rather then the simpler one (that comes with the kit) that doesn’t have the braking cylinders and instead uses a hand brake next to the throttle. I had also considered painting the inside of the firewall. I believe the factory paints it grey. I kind of like the galvanized steel… though maybe I will cover it with sound proofing foam (if heat isn’t an issue).



This is the assembled seat adjustment mechanism. It was a bit tricky to tighten up the bolt holding the bushings and wire. I had previously painted the pull and also had carved out a channel in the lower bushing to blow the wire to sit in the channel rather then just squashing it between the bushing and the pull


A furniture clamp came in handy to compress the pins on the sides and give some slack to the wire. This made it much easier to get the wire and bushing in place and get a socket wrench on both sides to tighten it. Just be sure to center the pull and bushings in the center of the wire so that it slides nice once it’s all assembled


This is the seat adjustment mechanism riveted onto the bottom of the seat.


Seat backrest and seat bottom all done. I probably won’t attach them until I’m ready to install them. The backrest attaches to the bottom with a hinge and maybe 10 rivets. The seat bottom in the photo is upside down to show the adjustment mechanism. Normally the adjustment mechanism would be on the bottom.

I’ll paint all this grey in a few days. My paint process isn’t all that great (a table outside in the back yard). It’s been fine for priming and for painting small parts, but maybe I need to step it up a bit for painting these larger pieces. The good thing is that most of the seat gets covered by the seat covers so if it gets some dust or doesn’t come out perfect it probably won’t be seen. I’ve been using an self-etching primer (just to try it out) on the parts I’m going to paint so that’s why the primer isn’t green like the other parts. The grey is just a rattle can machine grey from HD.


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