Rear Seat

Time: 3.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Riveted side reinforcing channels for front backrests and paint them grey
  • Looked at how to install the seat adjustment lever in the mechanism
  • Test fit rear seta bottom and backrest
  • Drilled out various missing parts in rear seat bottom and back rest skins

Well I thought this would be easy since the front seats fit together so well. I had the kids help me with the test fit… they are now experts at clecoing and finding parts. I’ll try to detail some of the issues I encountered while doing the test fit.



First thing was when test fitting the rear backrest. The bottom channel (ST-CHL-007) was way too long to fit and the holes didn’t line up at all, but the part number was correct… Hmmm, put that aside for the moment. The rest of the fitting went well. There is a little ambiguity in the manual (like that’s something new), but eventually got it worked out. The front skin goes on the inside of the side channels (ST-CHL-012-L&R) and also the Seat Channel 11 (ST-CHL-011). It’s clear to see in one picture, but in the other it looks like the skin just mounts right on top of them.


The next thing was that there were no holes drilled in the back skin for the Latch Reinforcing Plate (ST-PLT-008 and ST-PLT-009)so those needed to be drilled out.


During the test fit for the bottom part of the seat I noticed ST-CHL-006 looked familiar…… Yup it’s the same as that ST-CHL-007 part that didn’t fit on the backrest. Seems they gave me two of the same part, one labeled ST-CHL-006 and the other labeled ST-CHL-007. So now the question is do I hack the part to fit in the backrest (cut it to the correct length and drill new holes) or do I wait 2 months for the correct part?


And lastly After fitting all the parts for the bottom seat section it was noticed that none of the holes for the Seat Plates (ST-PLT-002) where drilled so those needed to be marked and drilled. There was also a hole missing in the short channel parts.


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