Front Seat Adjustment Mechanism

Time: 1.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed some front seat parts
  • Started riveting front seat adjustment mechanism



8mm x 3.2mm rivets are too short for attaching the doubled plastic plate. The 15mm ones seemed like they’d work better and I had exactly 4 of them.


After riveting the first one I noticed that even though the longer rivet held the plates in fine the mandrel was pulled all the way to the front of the rivet. I found these aluminum washers at Home Depot and they seem to do the trick and fortunately also found more 15mm x 3.2mm domed rivets. The mandrel stop right at the washer and doesn’t pull through the soft plastic. Another option would be to put the rivet head on the plastic side, but that leaves the ugly part on the front… not that anyone wold really see it.


This is the seat adjustment assembly. I found that it’s best to cleco the channel parts from the top. This pulls them up and leaves a gap at the bottom which makes it a lot easier when you insert the front seat base channel (ST-CHL-018) later. Next I installed the spring, washer, and cotter pin on each of the pins. After that was done I clecoed the next two short channel parts (below).


All the channels clecoed and the spring installed. It wasn’t too difficult getting the spring, washer, and cotter pin into the pin. The next step is to install the adjustment lever attaching it to the spring loaded wire. I want to paint the lever grey prior to installing it so need to wait to install it.


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