Front Seats

Time: 1.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed miscellaneous parts from the day prior
  • Test fit front seat backrest parts
  • Test fit front seat adjustment mechanism parts

Some pictures of the front backrest.



I found that the second page (Seat Backrest Assembly) for the front backrest assembly was much better to use then the first page. Some things to note:

  • ST-CHL-016 (there are two of them per seat) are not show in the manual. They are very small strengthening parts. They inside the corners of ST-CHL-006 (Channel 6) at the bottom of the seat. You can see the holes will match only a certain way
  • ST-ANG-001-(L&R) and ST-CHL-012-(L&R) go on the outside of the skins, not inside.
  • Be careful about the mounting of the piano hinge. It goes on the front part of the seat
  • Be careful about the mounting of the Seat Plates (ST-PLT-004) to get the orientation correct.
  • ST-CHL-012-(L&R) were mislabeled in my kit as ST-ANG-001-(L&R)
  • Pay attention to the orientation of the channel parts (CHL-006 through CHL-010) inside the seat. If they are flipped then holes don’t line up with the skin

In all the seat goes together pretty quick.


Front seat adjustment mechanism. A bit complicated but went together pretty quick. This will get mounted to the under side of the front seat bottom. Note some of the plastic parts aren’t clecoed so they moved a bit, that blue thing isn’t supposed to be behind the black bushings… didn’t notice that when I took the photo.

Now to take it all this apart. Debur, clean and prime it.


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