Misc Parts Prepping

Time: 1.5 hrs

Picked through the remaining parts and selected a few miscellaneous parts to prep. I’ll prime these in a few days. I really need the parts from TAF so I can make some progress. I’m still waiting on the bottom skin for the rear fuselage, one of the supports for the gear channel, elevator and flap control tubes, the parts for the updated parachute location, the garmin install kit, plus a few other parts. I’m also thinking I need to get the finishing kit so I can install all the control rods prior to putting the sides on the center/front fuselage. So other then soundproofing the rear section of the inside skins I need to build the seats. I guess that will be the next project to get done while I wait for the parts.


I’m assuming that the supports and the floor channel piece for the luggage area (picture above) will be the same for the new luggage floor for the forward mounted parachute. I saw that the updated manual has a page for converting an older floor to one that will work with the new parachute location, but I’m hoping they give me a new updated floor as well. We’ll see.



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