Center Fuselage Soundproofing

Time: 1 hr

Installed the rest of the soundproofing in the Center Fuselage. I left the far right and far left ones unstuck until after the side fuselage skins are put on so that it doesn’t interfere with the rivets going in. Most of the soundproofing I used was 3/8″. I only used 1/4″ under the parts where it may interfere with the control horns. I will be using 1/4″ for the side fuselage skins and the removable skins for the rear floor. I’ll have to see about under the luggage compartment… I may use 3/8″ for that.

No more work on the plane for a few days. We’re heading up to Napa Valley for my wife’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Rose!!!! Oh she puts up with so much… hey I’m talking about the kids not me 🙂




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