Soundproofing front fuselage skin

Time: 1 hr

Installed 1/4″ sound proofing on the inside skin for the front fuselage (left side). Will do the right side soon. I’m also going to install soundproofing on the outside skin, but will wait until it’s riveted on. I think it will be easier once it’s in place and all the various channel parts are where they need to be. The inside skin seemed fairly easy to cleco in so the soundproofing could be cut to fit. I’ve just been using a very sharp (new) razor to cut the material. It seems to do a good job, but you need to change out the razor fairly often to get a clean cut. The manual for the material recommend using an electric knife, but I don’t really see a reason to do this.


I think it came out well. I was able to just trim a lot of the edges after removing the skin so not a whole lot of fancy measuring or tempting needed to be done. The very bottom piece was probably the most difficult just because it wraps around. In doing this test fit I noticed that the bottom channel (CHL-028) only had 2 holes (the first and last) that lined up. All the holes are about 1/4″ off so that will probably need to be drilled out when the time come.



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