Front Fuselage work

Time: 4hrs

Fit, prepped and primed the Front fuselage side skin for the right side. Wasn’t as bad as the left side for some reason, but still needed some unbending of the join with the bottom floor skins.

I did notice one thing that I thought I had figured out when I did the test fit of the left side. The wing reinforcing pieces have a flange on the bottom, which I thought fit over the bottom skin. However after looking at it a bit I noticed that the skin bends in so I tried to slip the flange under the skin and it looks like it works much better.



This is the forward part of the reinforcing plate ahead of the gear channel. It seems to fit nicely under the bottom skin and even has a cut out for the gear channel.



This is looking aft of the gear channel, same reinforcing plate. Here you can see the fitment a little better. I now need to prime the outside of the flanges on these parts (left and right) since I original thought the when on the other side of the bottom skin. BTW I don’t think there is any good view in the build manual of these parts… will have to check the Sling 2 build manual.


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