More Center Fuselage Soundproofing

Time: 1 hr

Things done today:

  • Installed the rest of the sound proofing in the center fuselage (forward of the gear channel)
  • Cleaned and installed (clecoed) control sticks



I finished installing the sound proofing in this section of the center fuselage. I had purchased 3/8″ sound proofing material which worked great for under the front floor and other areas, but I noticed it might be a little thick for under the control horns so I purchased 1/4″ material as well. I used the 3/8″ for most of this section except for under the control stick area (between the aileron stop and main spar) and between the elevator stop and gear channel. Sorry the photo is kind of dark.

Still need to sound proof the rear section of the center fuselage, side fuselage, under the luggage floor, and under the removable floor panel sections.


Here’s the painted control stick. It came out OK. I think I’ll have to cut these down so I guess I’ll need to be careful not to scratch the paint if I do.

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