Center fuselage and other stuff

Time: 3 hrs

Times done today:

  • Finished riveting center fuselage ribs to main spar (4mm rivets)
  • Riveted the aileron control stops
  • Prepped front side skin (Left) for priming
  • Prepped control sticks for prime and paint

I finished installing the 4mm rivets that attach the ribs to the main spar. The control stick which I had temporarily install had to be removed to allow access to the rivets. The lower rivets weren’t too bad. The top row of rivets were very difficult to install, especially the one that is between the autopilot bracket. I had to modify my riveter and cut away some material so that I could get the riveter in against the rivet. It definitely helped to have a riveter with a rotating handle. Sorry no pictures.

I also decided to paint my control sticks. I don’t really like the mat finish aluminum. The grey I used matches the other grey parts that the factory paints… engine mount, rudder pedals. I will probably paint the throttle leveler as well. Will post a photo of the painted control stick later.



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