Center fuselage

Time: 2.5 hrs

Done today:

  • Finished test fit of front side (Left) fuselage skin
  • Reamed and drill missing holes for side fuselage skin
  • Riveted center fuselage ribs to skin

All in all the side skin fit fairly well. Fixing the bend on the bottom was the worst part. There were a few holes where the skin connects to the gussets (along the top) that needed to be reamed to 4mm because the gusset holes are 4mm (one hole between them could have been left at 3.2mm, but I thought it would look better if there were all the same). There was a line of maybe 13 holes and then a set of 3 for the rear spar gusset. Not a big deal. There was also a missing hole in the short upright on the rear spar that needed to be drilled and also a missing hole on the firewall top.

I also riveted the 3.2mm holes in the center fuselage ribs which I had left unriveted. The rivets connecting to the gear channel I did with a hand riveter.


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