Front Side Fuselage skins

Time: 2.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Test fit front side fuselage skin (CF-SKN-001 Left)
  • Prepped RIB-005 Left & Right
  • Put in closed plastic bushings in tail cone ribs 6&7



Well this is going to need a lot of work. TAF says that relaxing the bend in the skin should work. Not too sure if it’s going to work on the front bottom skin join though.


Found some plastic bushings at Home Depot that looked like they should work. They’re for putting in a 1/2″ knock out on a metal electrical box. I ream the holes just a little bit bigger, but they fit nice and tight and clip in well. I also put a little bit of black casket seal silicon on them to keep them in place.

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