Firewall and control sticks

Time: 4 hrs

Things done today:

  • Fit firewall blanket
  • Cut out holes for a few parts in firewall blanket. I don’t have the firewall forward kit so I’m not really sure what needs to go where or how big to cut out the spaces.
  • Riveted bracing channels (FF-CHL-001 Left & Right) to firewall
  • Riveted bottom angel to firewall
  • Loosely mounted engine mount to firewall
  • Installed rudder boots to firewall
  • Installed control stick brackets. Which needed to be primed again.

Some photos of the firewall and heat blanket. The engine mount was a real pain to mount… I really don’t want to have to take it off. I didn’t tighten up any of the bolts just incase I do though. I also tried to mark out holes that I think I need (from looking at other builders logs) just to try to understand where things go. The heat blanket material isn’t very easy to work with. There is a mylar layer that its somewhat tough to cut and they it can tear easy. The adhesive is pretty sticky, but seems to not stick to the foam when you peel off the backing. Maybe mine is just old or got hot too many times sitting in the warehouse. The large portion of the heat blanket isn’t instal yet. I have quite a few more things that need to be cut out and I don’t have the parts yet so I’ll have to wait to finish that you before sticking onto the firewall.

Photos of the rudder boots. I used a little glue to stick it to the bracket so it would stay. You can arrange it so that the flanges on the leather boot fit on the bracket so that the space between them doesn’t interfere with the rivet holes, though you still may need to ream it out just to clean out any leather in the way. I also trimmed back the leather so it didn’t go past the edge of the bracket just to make it look nicer. I riveted from the other side of the firewall so that the heat blanket sits flat.


Just found this while looking through the Sling 2 Build Manual. So it looks like I need to remove a few washers and change one set to thin washers plus I need to put the bolts inside and nuts on the engine mount side (EDIT: bolts alway point down or aft so the head should stay on the engine side of the firewall) . So glad I found this… I was close, but good to know this is the correct way to put it together.


Engine Mount with Parachute (PDF)

Also found where these other firewall pieces go (the cowling mounting strips). They need to go on prior to putting on the front fuselage skin.

firewall-mounting-stripsFirewall Mounting Strips (PDF)



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