Miscellaneous work

Time: 4 hrs

Things done today:

  • Prepped more of the front fuselage inside skins
  • Prepped some of the firewall parts I have
  • Reamed the holes on the “Upright Joining ChannelĀ (CHL-008 Left & Right) from 4mm to 4.8mm to match the holes on the “Front Seat Belt Bracket” (BKT-019 Left & Right)
  • Worked on fixing the tight fitting control stick tubes



I had tried a few things to make the control stick tubes move a little more freely. I tried to bend the bracket that mounts them to the main spar to be more in line with the way the tube sites (there’s a slight angle to it). I had already made sure that the brackets weren’t gripping the vesconite bushings too tight on the tube. Also tried to file the parts on the control tube itself that touch theĀ vesconite bushings. The only thing I found that really helped was to elongate the holes in the brackets that the 4 M4 screws mount to. They are already belonged to be adjustable, so I just added about 1/8-3/16″ to them. The control sticks are still a little tight but getting better. I’ll work on it more tomorrow.