Rear fuselage and firewall

Time: 3.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Test fit rear side skins to tail cone
  • Reamed out a few holes from 3.2mm to 4mm on SKN-005 right
  • Prepped more rear fuselage skins
  • Fit AN5 bolts to firewall
  • Riveted the “Firewall Mounting Channel” (CHL-021) to the firewall



These are the “Rear Side Skins” (RF-SKN-005 Left & Right). You can see some of the holes on the right skin are a bit different then the left. The ones on the right skin are 3.2mm while the ones on the left skin are 4mm. Also the holes on both the left and right of the flanges on rib8 needed to be ream to 4mm as well. After a bit of pulling and stretching the skins fit OK. All the holes seems dot line up, just these few holes needed to be reamed to 4mm.


Loosely fit the AN5 bolts through the firewall. The manual doesn’t say what bolts to use exactly. It looks like the 5AN-10A on the right and 5AN-7A seem to work for the upper mount point. I used the longer bolt on the right because there’s still the engine mount and reinforcing bracket it needs to go through.


Front side of the same bolts. Any yes I realized that I was missing a part here. The “Firewall Forward Plate” (FF-PLT-001) needs to be riveted where those 6 rivets around the  right bolt is. I later removed those rivets and added in the plate. I’ll upload a new photo soon.


Here’s the bottom bolt. This is a 5AN-6A.


All bolts view. The engine amount is not attached it would mount to the bits in the channel.


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