Front side fuselage skins and channels

Time: 4.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Test fit inside skins for front side fuselage
  • Test fit channels for front side fuselage
  • Figure out placement of spacers (SPC-003 to SPC-006)
  • Tried plastic grommets in rib6 and 7
  • Found location of CVR-003
  • Found correct way to mount glove box (center console)

Lots of photos of the inside skin for the front fuselage section


Looking aft, left side. Not shown in the manual is the “Front Angle Under Seat” (ANG-047) which attachs to the “Front Underseat Channel” (CHL-007) .


Here’s a photo looking aft on the outside on the skin showing CHL-003 and how ANG-047 attaches


Another part not really shown well in the manual is the “Back Seat Angel” (ANG-030). The side skin sits in front of it and the “Rear Floor Shutoff Skin (SKN-024) covering the rivets that attach ANG-030.


Here’s where the “Rear Spar Bolt Inspection Cover” goes (CVR-003). Only two of the holes actually line up and it looks like rivnuts will need to be installed in either the rear floor skin or the under lining ribs so that the cover can be removed during annuals. Also to the right of the photo is the another cover that isn’t shown in the manual (I’ll need to get the part number). I’m still trying to figure out how it is suppose dot attach the the spar upright.


Originally I thought the side skin flange went behind the “Rear Floor Shutoff Skin” (SKN-024), but I noticed with it behind it seems to pull the floor shutoff skin a bit, also you’d have to drill holes in the skin flange and wait on attaching the Back Seat Angel” (ANG-030) if it went behind it so I think in front is how it goes.

A couple of pictures of my messy garage and the fuselage section with some of the side fuselage channels attached.




Also bought these plastic grommets on line ( to fit in the holes in rib6 and rib7 for where the rudder cables pass through. I thought I ordered closed ones (without the cut in the top) as well, but didn’t see them in this shipment. They fit pretty well, but I’ll add some black silicone to keep them in place… maybe I’ll wait to see if I can get the closed ones though.


After I test fit the seat rails I notice that the skins for the center console were being pulled a bit. I originally had the skins (that make up the glove box section) on the inside of these flanges from the “Console Seat Bracket” (BKT-023 Left & Right). It makes more sense for the skins to be on the outside of them. Also the screw holes in the skin that screws in the rivnuts on the back of the glove box section now line up much better. I guess the manual does show it with the skin on the outside, must have missed that.


These aren’t shown in the build manual. Here’s where the various spacers go in the front side fuselage. These are inserted between the Gussets and the top angle piece (ANG-010). It’s pretty easy to determine which one goes where because the number of holes in the spacer match the number of holes in the gusset. The only tricky one is SPC-003 which took me a while to figure out. This one is placed between the firewall connecting channel (CHL-005) and on the top side of CHL-030.




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