More front side fuselage work and seat rails

Time: 1.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Finished prepping front side fuselage channels
  • Primed ront side fuselage channels
  • Assembled and test fit seat rails

I attempted to take some photos of the countersinking I did on the seat rails because it’s not really shown in the manual. All it really says is to “rivet the seat rails to the main spar carry through using countersunk rivets”. Here’s what I need up countersinking:

  • All holes in the plastic seat slides (PLT-016)
  • All top holes in the “Seat Locking Channels” (ANG-050 Left and Right)
  • One one left and one right “Seat Angle” (ANG-003) all holes on the side (that will attach to the center console)

I saw on another builders log to not attach the outer seat rails yet. He had mentioned that he was told by the factory that attaching the wings is a lot easier without the seat rail installed. The ones that attach to the center console are OK to install (I didn’t install those yet either). I don’t think there is any riveting in the side holes for the outer seat rails (if there is those holes will need to be countersunk as well). Also make sure to take care to choose 2 left and 2 right slides (PLT-016) before countersinking them. There is a rivet hole that is offset so it you counter sink them on the incorrect side then they will not line up correctly when assembling them on the seat angle (ANG-003). Lastly the plastic slides will probably need to be trimmed so they sit flat on the seat angle (ANG-003). I just used some tin snips and then filed them.



ANG-050L. Just the top ones, the ones on the side are for the seat locking mechanism)


ANG-050R. Just like the left one


All holes in the plastic seat slides (PLT-016)


Side holes in one left and one right Seat Angle (ANG-003)





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