Seat rails and more Center Console work

Time: 6.25 hrs

Quite a bit done today:

  • Primed seat rail parts
  • Prepped and primed rear seat stops
  • Installed M3 rivnuts in center console skin (SKN-019)
  • Test fit Top Front Rib (RIB-003)
  • Prepped and primed Top Front Rib (RIB-003)
  • Reamed holes in SKN-020 (Left & Right) to 4mm for M4 screws
  • Installed M4 rivnuts in center console mounting channel (CHL-013)
  • Prepped front side fuselage channels

I test fit the Front Top Rib (RIB-003) prior to prepping and priming it. The build manual shows it held by 4 rivets (3.2mm), but there’s also a set of 4mm holes and a few extra holes on the post so I wanted to make sure that the manual was right. Seems that the 3.2mm holes are the ones to use, though at first it looked like maybe it would be too high.


Center Console Craziness

I’m not sure why the other builders haven’t posted anything on this. The manual is not clear on where the rivnuts go and it doesn’t really make sense in some cases on how to put this thing together. I came up with a way that works, but might not be correct. I got pretty good at removing and installing rivnuts. I tried to take a few photos so I could document what I did.


Added a few M3 rivnuts to SKN-019 (had to ream the holes to 4.8mm). I did this because SKN-020 sit on top of this and it seemed like it need a place to put screws in. I suppose you could rivet the two together instead, but with the seat installed it may be difficult to remove the two skins.


This is the console mounting channel (CHL-013). The holes are a bit too large for M3 rivnuts and even a little large for M4’s but those seem to work. I noticed that M4’s could be used at the top for plate where the throttle and brake levers mount.


I decided to install M4 rivnuts all down the mounting channel (CHL-013) and then drill out the few holes in the skin that attaches here to 4mm. You could possibly use M3’s and crimp them a little more and they will hold. I did this on the back of this assembly for the cover skin and they seem to work OK, but I may need to replace them with M4’s if they start to turn.


This is SKN-020. The top hole was already large to accept an M4 rivnut which I originally installed, but removed because it got in the way when when attaching it the the mounting channel (CHL-013). I reamed the other three (the holes along the top of photo) to 4mm so I could use M4 screws in them.


Now it all fits together pretty well. I think there is one more rivnut I need to install under the seat area (not shown) on SKN-019. The hole will need to be reamed out to 4.8mm for the M3 rivnut.




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