Center console work

Time: 2 hrs

Things done today:

  • Installed rivnuts in center console skins
  • Riveted front floor shut off skins
  • Riveted rear floor skins
  • Drilled out hole in the Centre Console Connecting Plate (┬áPLT-015)
  • Prepped seat rails and related parts
  • Counter sunk rivet holes in seat rails (need to post a picture)



Thought I should drill out this hole that was in the seat rail, but not in the plate (PLT-015). I’m also wondering if these need to be counter sunk rivets since the seat slides through here. I’m pretty sure the ones on the bottom need to be. I guess I’ll try a test before riveting the plate. Still need to prep and prime the seat rails.


Center console almost together. I need to figure out where some rivnuts go and may possibly need to drill out some holes for bigger screws and rivnuts. I messed up and scotch brited one of the skins in the wrong spot… Oops. I think all this gets covered up anyways.