Miscellaneous work

Time: 5.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Riveted firewall bracket to front floor
  • Clecoed firewall to center fuselage
  • Drilled out ANG-046 (L&R) for M3 rivnuts
  • Installed rivenuts in center consol frame
  • Riveted center consol frame
  • Prepped center console skins
  • Found where CF-CVR-002 goes



After messing with the console skins a bit I noticed that two hole on ANG-046 need to be drilled out for M3 rivnuts. This is the before photo.


And this is the after with the two rivnuts installed. These are used to hold the removable center console skins.


This isn’t shown in the manual. This is the “front floor shut off” assembly that goes under the front seat (one for left and one for right). The part sticking up is the control stick skin (SKN-023). The main part is made of SKN-027 and SKN-? (I’ll have to look it up). The two main parts are riveted together as well as the control stick cover. Then the whole piece is screwed on with M3 screws.


I couldn’t find these parts in the manual, but I think I figured out where the go. This is between the gear spar and the main spar, right under where the front seat rail gets mounted. I just can’t figure out how it attaches. This way seems to make sense, but then the holes for the rivnuts don’t line up with the floor assembly.


Now the rivet holes line up, but then the two holes don’t line up with the seat mount on the spar. The left side is different as well.



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