Center console and front floor

Time: 8.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Prepped front floor shut off skins (SKN-027 L&R)
  • Prepped control covers (SKN-023)
  • Primed center console parts and front door shutoff skins
  • Installed rivets for front floor shut off skins and control stick cover
  • Reamed main gear spar holes to 10mm
  • Riveted front floor and control stick box
  • Riveted under front seat floor parts
  • Clecoed console frame
  • Clecoed front floor shut off skins
  • Prepped and primed a few firewall parts



I saw from the build logs that these holes are a bit undersized and need to be reamed out to 10mm. I think I bought the reamer on Amazon. On one side I could use my right angle electric drill, but on the side with the main spar I had to do it by hand (I probably could have removed the main spar since it’s not riveted yet)



Both holes reamed to 10mm and the other side as well.




Front floor riveted and the Z channel for the center console as well. I’m not riveting the rudder mounting plate (in the foreground) because I’ll probably be doing the pedals with the toe brakes. It’s at $1700 option, but I’m kind of leaning towards it rather then having the park next to the throttle up on the center console. I know it’s a bit more complicated and there’s more brake line plumbing involved, but I kind of like having toe brakes.


The “under front seat” floor parts riveted. This isn’t shown in the manual.


Center consol frame clecoed and ready to rivet. EDIT: The large support bracket (the one furthest to the front) is backwards in this picture, luckily I noticed it before I riveted everything.


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