Soundproofing front floor

Time: 4.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed a few more center fuselage parts
  • Primed rear floor parts
  • Primed front top floor (SKN-011)
  • Soundproofed the front floor
  • Prepped and primed some center console parts


The sound proofing material arrived today. I’m very happy with the quality and easy of installation. It’s light years better then what was provided my TAF. Also the 3/8″ thickness worked out great for the front floor since I added soundproofing to the bottom and top floor skins and this filled the channel cavity very well.


Here’s the comparison of the soundproofing materials. The bottom is what TAF provided and the top is what I purchased from Aircraft Spruce.


Another photo of the two materials. The material I purchased comes in a variety of thicknesses. I may get 1/8″ for inside the side skins.



Here’s the front floor all soundproofed. The white is the paper that cover the adhesive. These pieces will stick to the inside of the top floor (I have already devised a plan on how to attach it). I’m not going to double up on the center because I think there is some cabling or maybe the brake lines that run under the floor (there’s a hole in the top floor skin and not sure what runs through it).


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