More Center Fuselage Soundproofing

Time: 1 hr

Things done today:

  • Installed the rest of the sound proofing in the center fuselage (forward of the gear channel)
  • Cleaned and installed (clecoed) control sticks



I finished installing the sound proofing in this section of the center fuselage. I had purchased 3/8″ sound proofing material which worked great for under the front floor and other areas, but I noticed it might be a little thick for under the control horns so I purchased 1/4″ material as well. I used the 3/8″ for most of this section except for under the control stick area (between the aileron stop and main spar) and between the elevator stop and gear channel. Sorry the photo is kind of dark.

Still need to sound proof the rear section of the center fuselage, side fuselage, under the luggage floor, and under the removable floor panel sections.


Here’s the painted control stick. It came out OK. I think I’ll have to cut these down so I guess I’ll need to be careful not to scratch the paint if I do.

Glove Box lining

Time: 1.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Primed front side fuselage skin (Left)
  • Painted control sticks
  • Lined inside of glove box
  • Installed some sound proofing in center fuselage (between gear channel and main spar)


Lots of photos of the glove box


I used some speaker covering material. It’s durable and the color I wanted


Test fit.


Here’s the shape of the liner. I cut it so there’s some overlap at the ends. I will time the ends once it’s installed and dried.


This seems dot work really well. I sprayed some on the back of the liner and the inside of the glove box and let it sit for about a minute. It’s very sticky, but you can reposition if needed… and it was needed 🙂



All done. I later also made a small patch for the pane that screws onto the back of the glove box. I didn’t rivet the cover yet because I think I will need to paint this grey. I’ll have to look on the Slings at KTOA if this is gets some other covering or not.


Center fuselage and other stuff

Time: 3 hrs

Times done today:

  • Finished riveting center fuselage ribs to main spar (4mm rivets)
  • Riveted the aileron control stops
  • Prepped front side skin (Left) for priming
  • Prepped control sticks for prime and paint

I finished installing the 4mm rivets that attach the ribs to the main spar. The control stick which I had temporarily install had to be removed to allow access to the rivets. The lower rivets weren’t too bad. The top row of rivets were very difficult to install, especially the one that is between the autopilot bracket. I had to modify my riveter and cut away some material so that I could get the riveter in against the rivet. It definitely helped to have a riveter with a rotating handle. Sorry no pictures.

I also decided to paint my control sticks. I don’t really like the mat finish aluminum. The grey I used matches the other grey parts that the factory paints… engine mount, rudder pedals. I will probably paint the throttle leveler as well. Will post a photo of the painted control stick later.


Center fuselage

Time: 2.5 hrs

Done today:

  • Finished test fit of front side (Left) fuselage skin
  • Reamed and drill missing holes for side fuselage skin
  • Riveted center fuselage ribs to skin

All in all the side skin fit fairly well. Fixing the bend on the bottom was the worst part. There were a few holes where the skin connects to the gussets (along the top) that needed to be reamed to 4mm because the gusset holes are 4mm (one hole between them could have been left at 3.2mm, but I thought it would look better if there were all the same). There was a line of maybe 13 holes and then a set of 3 for the rear spar gusset. Not a big deal. There was also a missing hole in the short upright on the rear spar that needed to be drilled and also a missing hole on the firewall top.

I also riveted the 3.2mm holes in the center fuselage ribs which I had left unriveted. The rivets connecting to the gear channel I did with a hand riveter.


Front Side Fuselage skins continued

Time: 1hr

Things done today:

  • Deriveted glove box top and changed a few rivets around
  • Rebent flanges on side fuselage skin (Left)

I’m going to put some liner material in the glove box so to make things easier I deriveted the top part. I also reversed 4 rivets so that the surface is flat inside so the liner sits better.

Well relaxing the bend seems dot work. The flange fits much better now. So glad this worked.


Looking forward this is the join between the side skin (SKN-001) and the front bottom skin (SKN-004).


This is looking aft. This is the join between the side skin (SKN-001) and the rear bottom skin (SKN-002). Still needs a little tweaking, but so much better.

Front Side Fuselage skins

Time: 2.25 hrs

Things done today:

  • Test fit front side fuselage skin (CF-SKN-001 Left)
  • Prepped RIB-005 Left & Right
  • Put in closed plastic bushings in tail cone ribs 6&7



Well this is going to need a lot of work. TAF says that relaxing the bend in the skin should work. Not too sure if it’s going to work on the front bottom skin join though.


Found some plastic bushings at Home Depot that looked like they should work. They’re for putting in a 1/2″ knock out on a metal electrical box. I ream the holes just a little bit bigger, but they fit nice and tight and clip in well. I also put a little bit of black casket seal silicon on them to keep them in place.