Miscellaneous work

Time: 6 hrs

Things done today:

  • Riveted a few random parts in the center fuselage that look OK to rivet
  • Fitted M3 rivnuts for the under front seat skins (on gear spar, ribs 9 (L & R), and ribs 2 (L & R)
  • Fitted M4 rivnuts to rudder cable box with loctite
  • Deriveted outer rivets from the bottom floor skin (SKN-004). This was done because the side skins share these holes
  • Prepped a few center fuselage parts for priming
  • Prepped rear floor parts for priming
  • Prepped some channel parts I found in my “I don’t know where these go box”. It was labeled CF-CHL-034 front floor channel.

Right now I’m just keeping busy doing as much as I can while I wait for the main skin for the rear fuselage section and also one of the uprights for the main gear spar. I’ll also be using the new forward location for the parachute so I’m waiting for those parts as well.

I was going to start cutting the sound proofing material for the front floor, however after I looked at what I was provided by TAF I wasn’t really impressed with it. It looks like weather stripping material (1/8″ grey foam) and I know it’s going to rot and fall apart. So instead I went to Aircraft Spruce and purchased some 3/8″ sound proofing (https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/soundproofinstall.php) that looks to be much better. It should be here tomorrow or Friday (I Hope). I was considering getting the 1/2″ but was concerned with weight. I figured I can always double up the 3/8″ in some places for better sound proofing.



Front floor rivets along the outer channels removed and clecos back in.



This is the CHL-034 part I found. I didn’t see it anywhere in my build manual and even looked at the newer PDF that I have. When I was working on the front floor a few days ago I wondered what the rivet holes were for… well now I know.


Here’s another photo showing the holes that the part attaches to (there’s one on the other side as well).


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