Front floor

Time: 5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Clecoed bottom floor channels to bottom floor skin (SKN-004)
  • Drilled out missing holes in bottom floor skin (SKN-004) to 3.2mm
  • Reamed holes in the Junction Stiffener Skins (SKN-007 L&R) to 4mm
  • Clecoed main spar to bottom floor skin (SKN-004)
  • Clecoed Ribs 2 L&R to bottom floor skin (SKN-004)
  • Test fit control sticks


Looks like the hole in the middle of the photo needed to be drilled out to 3.2mm. Also there were two holes in the same part (SKN-007 L&R) that needed to be reamed out to 4mm since they shared a hole with the main spar.


Front floor channels clecoed and ready to rivet. I ended up clecoing the top floor on to stiffen it up and make sure everything would line up ok. I decided to rivet this part first prior to attaching it to the main gear channel (as is stated in the manual) because I thought it would be easier to flip this smaller piece over to rivet. It seems to have worked out really well.



Bottom floor riveted. I realized that I probably shouldn’t have riveted to outside channels yet. I will most likely have to drill those out because they probably share holes with the side skins.


Now it looks like a big sled.



I put a grommet in the control bracket for wiring from the control stick. I think I’ll probably be needing a bigger grommet since I plan on putting quite a few things on the control stick… Elevator trim, PTT, AP disconnect, and Flaps up/down. I also still need to put insulation in the floor and prime the top floor panel before riveting it.



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