More Center Fuselage Work

Time: 3.75 hrs

Things done today:

  • Drilled out aileron stops to 4mm to match holes in the brackets (STO-003)
  • Drilled out torque tube brackets on ribs 1 (left and right)
  • Drilled out holes in the skin for the main spar support plate pieces (PLT-017 and PLT-018)
  • Drilled holes for elevator stop (STO-001) in ribs 1 (left and right) to 3.2mm and counter sunk
  • Checked torque on main spar bolts and applied torque seal… some were a little loose
  • Filed the short channel pieces (CHL-011) that mount under the main spar
  • Prepped a few parts for the front floor



I noticed the holes in the aileron control stops (STO-003) are 4mm while the hole in the skin and ribs are 3.2mm so I reamed these to 4mm. This will make a few larger rivets on the under belly, but should look OK. Now the manual clearly states that STO-003 (part 16) is only mounted on the left side, but I was given 2 of these in the kit so do I put them on both sides? Is the manual wrong as it has been quite a bit? Also I saw from so other build logs that the correct orientation of the stop bracket is 180 degrees from what the manual says.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.32.02 AM

So why did you give me 2 of them then?????

UPDATE: Heard back from TAF they said both sides need the aileron stops so I will put both in.



Noticed that these holes (the ones without the clecos) were missing in the skin, but are in the reinforcing plate pieces and also the longerons for the front floor area so it looks like they had to be drilled out.


Done. You can see the longeron above the bracket on the top has the hole as well.



On the close off brackets (rib-009-L and rib-009-R) that mount to ribs 1 (left and right) the holes on the left needed to be reamed to 4mm since the bracket (BKT-023R) behind them are 4mm. I reamed one of them out already (Black cleco) so just need to do the one above as well and then the other side as well. Also I decided to mount the control closing brackets (rib-009) to the outside of rib1 instead of on the inside like the manual says to do. I’ll need to prime the other side of the parts since I didn’t expect to mount it this way. The hole on the top of it isn’t used so it doesn’t need to line up with anything and it make the bracket (BKT-23) site better on the rib and allows you to rivet this after putting in the elevator stop (behind the rib).


The elevator stop (STO-001) needed the side holes drilled out. Luckily I didn’t rivet this end of ribs 1 left and right yet so I was able to move them apart so I could get a center punch and a drill in there. I decided to use counter sunk rivets so that the rivet heads don’t interfere with the control closing bracket (rib-009-L and rib -009-R)


Done. The rivet is just resting in there, once it’s riveted it will site flush with the surface of the rib and allow the closing bracket to sit flat as well (those are the hole to the right)


The one thing to be careful of when positioning the elevator stop bracket (STO-001) is to not pull it forward or back too much or push it down or pull it up. If you do you will get a pull on the skin and it will look like a dent (or bump), so position the bracket and then look underneath to make sure you don’t have a dent or bump in the skin.


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