Spars and such

Time: 6.75 hrs

I was able to get in some time today to work on the plane. I got a few things done.

I was able to get through prepping all the rear spar parts and also some brackets that attach to the main (pre-assembled) spar as well at parts for the main gear channel and support angles. Some prep of the pre-assembled spar was also in order because it didn’t appear that it had been deburred.

I had noticed from some other build logs (Craig, Peter, and Gordan) that there may be some missing holes on the rear spar for mounting the second part of the elevator autopilot bracket. Sure enough, looking at mine, I was missing those holes as well. I don’t have the autopilot servos (Garmin GSA28) yet so I had to make a templateĀ based on the dimensions from the G3X Install manual and mounting brackets that I had with the kit. I just used a piece of laminate flooring and drilled 4.0mm holes at the correct locations making sure all the holes were square to one another.


I attached the brackets to the template and also attached the rib and spar to the belly skin to make sure spacing was correct. Then I used a center punch to set the marks for drilling. The bottom most hole didn’t line up quite right after drilling the pilot hole so I had to file it out a bit to center it up then I used the reamer to get them to the correct size.


Holes drilled and deburred.


Attached to rear spar. Hopefully that’s the right spot.

I also did a test fit of the control brackets (to the main spar) that hold the control stick tubes. The manual says to put in the bushing and rivet the bracket together… well the bushings are now pre-assembled on to the tube of the control sticks. I will not be riveting or attaching them just yet. I should be able to wait until I have the fuselage built up more so I can get a better fit. I did get them somewhat close, they may need a little tweaking to fit right, but I’ll give them a prime (the brackets not the control tubes) so they’re ready to go.





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