Rear fuselage ribs and rib6 reinforcing plate

Time: 4.25 hrs

Finished riveting the tail cone section (ribs 6-9). Drilled out the holes for the rib6 reinforcing plate RF-PLT-021. I had to mark the hole from the from since I had already riveted rib 6 in place, but everything seemed to work out well. I will finish riveting it in the next few days since I have to wait for the primer to dry on rib 6 before riveting the plate on to it. Also did some riveting of the larger ribs (5, 4 and 3).


I made a few holes with the plate in the correct position and then later had to move it to the opposite side to finished the rest of the holes since I wasn’t able to get the drill in between the rib and the plate for the rudder mount.


Here’s the plate on the front side of rib 6, finished marking and drilling the rest of the holes. I just had to remember to keep the plate in the correct orientation so that the hole would line back up when I put it back on the other side of the rib. I suppose you could put the plate on this side as well, but it hit the pace below it so you’d probably need to cut off 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch from the bottom.


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