Ready for priming

Time: 3.75

Finished up cleaning all the rib parts, then moved on to priming. Also I was able to build up the tail cone section with the smaller ribs (ribs 6-9), though I couldn’t finish because I missed priming one of the contact surfaces on one part so I’ll have to finish that up tomorrow (and take a picture of course).


Ready for priming (just 2 of the 4 larger ribs)

Still getting used to my sprayer. It’s a relatively inexpensive HVLP sprayer (around $80) I purchased at Lowes. It works pretty well with my compress which is only something like a 6 gallon, 3.8 CFM @ 40 psi compressor. What I found finally worked was that I had to set the regulator to 40psi even though it clearly says max 29psi on the gun. Maybe I’m going to blow something up on the gun, but to get the paint to flow on better I had to set it to 40 psi. You probably wouldn’t do well staying a final coat on something, but for this basic priming it works well.


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