Elevator finished

Time: 6 hrs

Finished up the elevator. The last of the empannage parts. The hardest part of this piece was the composite end pieces. When I did the test fit a few days ago it seemed like they were going to fit really well. But after riveting was finished as I fit the end pieces it seemed that no matter what I did the pieces just weren’t long enough. I ended up pushing then as far forward (lead end of elevator) as I could and then filling the trailing edge with epoxy to extend them an extra 1/8-1/4″.

I made a mold out of tape and balsa… just something easy to sand off or remove.IMG_1777

Mixed some 2 part epoxy and poured it into the gap.IMG_1778

After a little sandingIMG_1780

Some primer to check if it looked OK. Still a little filling needed, but the extension seems to work.IMG_1781


All done!!!!IMG_1779


OK now on the ordering the fuselage kit