Electrical work

Time: 2 hrs

The RG400 cable finally arrived from Aircraft Spruce so I ran that through the grommets in the VS and terminated the cable. I need to add something to where the wire runs through the grommets so that it fits a bit tighter. Maybe some PVC tubing or heat shrink will do. Also did a final test fit of the VS skin, cleaned, deburred, and primed the inside of it.

On the rudder I crimped on the Faston connectors I purchase from Aircraft Spruce for the strobe connection. I want to keep things simple so I want to use the same connectors for most of the wiring (where applicable). I found Faston joiner terminals on Mouser Electronics (www.mouser.com) which I think will work well. I’ll just put some heat shrink over them and that should also make sure the connectors stay together and insulate them, not that they seem like they will be coming apart. I mounted the strobe to the rudder tip with some stainless steel bolts I found at Bolt Depot (www.boltdepot.com) which is a great site for finding all sorts of bolts. The bolts are tapered so they fit into the counter sunk strobe light screw hole. All this will have to come apart when I fit the tip to the rudder, but wanted to get this done while I could.

IMG_1685 IMG_1686


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