Beginning to look like an airplane

Time: 4.5 hrs

Today was productive. Initially I thought that my rivet gun didn’t come with all the attachments for the different size rivets, so I was a bit disappointed, but just by chance I looked at the bottom of the gun and there they were… was so relieved because I really want to start riveting today.


There they are….

Clecoed the HS frame and riveted. Also fitted the grommet edging to the lightning hole and installed grommets to the ribs for running the trim motor wiring.



Looks like airplane 🙂

Clecoed the VS frame and riveted. Fitted the grommet edging to the lightening hole and inserted grommets in the rib holes for the Strobe and VOR antenna wires.



Lastly Clecoed the elevator trim tab to make sure the hing moved freely and everything was aligned well.


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