Rudder is done

Time: 4.75 hrs

Yay!!!! Rudder is finished. I also fitted and riveted the composite end piece. I had noticed that other builders had an issue getting the rivet gun along the bottom near the control horn plate. They came up with ingenious ways of getting the rivets pulled. I just left the plate off until the skin was riveted in place.

 This is me happy to have finished another piece of the plane. Can you see how happy I am?  
The part to the right is the one I left unriveted until the skin was done. I just made sure to cleco the area that needed to be held together. 

End piece fit me riveted. Don’t forget the pull wire for the strobe.  

Vertical stabilizer is done

Time: 2 hrs

Finished the vertical stabilizer today. Will have to get a picture. It came out pretty good. A few small spots that the skins do sit perfectly flat on the frame, even though I checked that all the flanges were level on the frame. 

Primed the the front hinge area of the elevator. I’ve been using the protective plastic to mask the parts I don’t want to get primer on. It’s been working pretty well. Just celco the parts, use a soldering iron to trace the edge of the part then uncleco and remove the plastic. 

 Here’s the process I used for the hinge area on the elevator skins. 

1) Celco the parts

2) Use soldering iron the trace the edge


 3) Remove celcos and plastic. Now just prime. You get primer only where you need it.


Finishing wiring

Time: 1.25 hrs

Finished up the wiring on the horizontal and vertical stabilizer so that I can put the skins on. I ended up using the tefzel wire I purchased instead of the wire provided with the kit.

I put some heat shrink over the connector for the VOR so that it doesn’t come loose. There’s really no way to get in here again if there’s a problem other then drilling out the rivers and removing the top rib so I don’t want anything to come apart in here. 

All the wiring done for the VOR and strobe. I used a 4 wire 20 gauge tefzel wire for the strobe and RG400 for the VOR. Evertything fit well using the 1/8″ diameter grommets. 


Grommets for VOR antenna wire

Finally received the grommets for the VOR antenna wire. I purchased these from Waytek ( along with some other supplies. It was a quantity 50 minimum order so I hope I need to use this in a lot more places. The grommets are 3/8″ panel and 1/8″ bore diameter so the RG400 wire fit very well. Glad I waited for the right part and didn’t try to fix it with adding heat shrink to the cable.


Horizontal stabilizer skin prep

Time: 3.5 hrs

Did a test fit of the horizontal stabilizer skins, deburred, and primed them as well. Wow these were possibly the worse ones yet. I had done a previous test fit and so I had marked each skin for left and right, but maybe I messed up because I couldn’t get the skins to fit. I flipped them around and was then able to get the skins to cleco right. Still after all that there was quite a bit of match drilling and a few spots where the holes were off a bit. I did check that the lines I drew on the end ribs where at the same angle so the horizontal stabilizer should be straight.


Elevator skin prep

Time: 5.25 hrs

Did a test fit of the elevator skin… all looked good so deburred, cleaned and primed.



Tried fitting the ends and they look like they won’t be too difficult to fit. Might need some sanding on the trailing edge so that there isn’t so much of a gap.


Rudder skin

Time: 1.5 hrs

Did a test fit of the elevator skin then deburred, cleaned and primed the inside of the skin. Everything fit well, only a few holes needed to be drilled out. Will rivet it later this week after the guys at the Airplane Factory check my work so far.