Parts prepping process


So here’s my prepping process for getting parts ready to prime. This is done after removing the protective plastic, test fitting the parts and reaming any holes where rivets fit too tight.

  1. debur holes with countersink bit and electric drill (if needed). Most look pretty good, though I have found the need to debur at least one side of the hole. Also if I have to ream the hole out then it needs to be deburred.
  2. debur edges using a cheap burring tool from Home Depot which seems to do a good job and is quick.
  3. Clean parts with a (1:3 mixture) 1 part Simple Green Extreme Aircraft Cleaner and 3 parts water. I rub it on with a lint free cloth and then wipe it off with another lint free wipe.
  4. Carefully put it on a bucket to be primed. I’m going to use a Zinc Phosphate prime I purchased from Aircraft Spruce. It’s supposedly self etching so it should stick pretty well and it says it’s “excellent” for corrosion resistance. I’ll probably be doing the quick build kit so I’m not going to go crazy with a more involved priming routine.

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