Preliminary Electrical Drawings

I’ve been working on some Visio diagrams for the electrical. Not sure how much of this is going to change, but have been learning a lot about the avionics in the process. It seems like the Garmin G3X is going to come out a little cheaper then some of the others out there, plus I’m familiar with the G1000 and 430 as well. The big cost is the certified GPS unit (Garmin GTN650), but I really want to be able to do some light IFR in this airplane (we don’t get too many storms here in SoCal, just marine layer). I’ll be using a Vertical Power VP-X Pro which has some good and bad points. Also am still working on how to do the charge system. I read that you can run the two alternators (well generator and alternator) at the same time to increase capacity. What I’d also like to do is be able to disconnect the 18A generator (hence the charge relay) to just power the engine electronics and main fuel pump should there be any issues were I need to isolate that from the rest of the electrical equipment. I used the Rotax and Sling wiring diagram as a basis, but not really sure if this approach is good or not.

Sling 4 Wiring



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